Edition 2018

The Conference

The 1st Foro Brasil España aims at bringing two countries closer together. The conference will engage students, researchers, and professionals from both nations in a multi-disciplinary conversation related to Brazil’s most current social, political, and economic matters. Our main goal is to contribute for strengthening the ties between Brazil and Spain by debating Brazil’s issues and potential, with the post-2018 Presidential Election as a reference starting point.

That debate will unfold in the form of roundtables and panels featuring prominent names in the Brazilian and international communities. At the Foro, a diverse group of businesspeople, journalists, politicians, and other influencers will debate a broad range of topics, such as politics, economics, diversity, and the influence of the media, to name a few.


Event schedule

Day 1 - 23/03/2018


10 a.m. – 11 a.m. | Registration

11:00 a.m. – 11:10 a.m. | Opening ceremony: ESADE’s dean

11:10 a.m. – 11:50 a.m. | Keynote speaker: Nizan Guanaes, honorary president of the Foro Brasil España

12:10 p.m. - 01:20 p.m. | | Roundtable: the challenges of retaining qualified human capital in Brazil Topic: how to recruit and retain highly qualified talent in Brazil

01:20 p.m. - 02:10 p.m. | | Almoço

02:10 p.m. – 03:20 p.m. | | Panel: Brazil, from the foreign investors’ perspective

03:40 p.m. – 04:50 p.m. | Panel: the responsibility of the media as an influencer in the social, cultural,and political debates

04:50 p.m. – 05:00 p.m. | First day’s closing remarks

Day 2 - 24/03/2018


10 a.m. – 11 a.m. | Registration

11:00 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. | Topic: The Carwash Operations’ Legacy


12:00 a.m. – 01:20 p.m. | Roundtable: what to expect from politics in Brazil after the 2018 Presidential Elections?

01:20 p.m. - 02:10 p.m. | | Almoço

02:10 p.m. – 03:20 p.m. | Roundtable: Brasil’s urban challenge


03:40 p.m. – 04:50 p.m. | Panel: the economic turnaround challenge in Brazil

05:10 p.m. – 06:20 p.m. | Panel: women as protagonists of the Brazilian turnaround

06:40 p.m. – 07:50 p.m. | Panel: doing business in times of turbulence

07:50 p.m. – 08:10 p.m. | Final considerations

08:10 p.m. – 08:20 p.m. | Closing remarks: a brief message from the organization


ESADE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.


March 23 and 24, 2018

Target audience

Brazilian and Spanish students and entrepreneurs, investors interested in Brazil, journalists, economists and political scientists.

Transmissão Online ao Vivo

We expect thousands of viewers to watch the Conference in real-time, by online streaming.

Online real-time streaming

300 people expected daily.


Adriana Barbosa

Adriana Barbosa is the creator of Feira Preta, the largest black culture fair in Latin America. As a social entrepreneur, she worked at the main social business accelerators in the country and in 2016 was a finalist in the Support Program for Afro-Brazilian Entrepreneurs, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Anjos do Brasil. In 2017, she was on the list of the 51 most influential blacks under 40 in the world made by the “Most Influential People of African Descent” and made official at a dinner with former President Barack Obama.

Adriano Lima

Adriano Lima is founder of AL+ and CLevel Executive Advisor for Management and People Solutions. He was a Strategy, Management and People executive at Itaú Unibanco, MasterCard and Dasa and a member of the board of Itaú Internacional. He was in charge of Itaú Unibanco’s Global Talent Management, having implemented several trainee and MBA programs. Adriano is a columnist at Você SA, Professor at Insper and Volunteer Advisor at Fundação Estudar.

Antonio Carlos Valente

Antonio Carlos Valente is Chairman of the business consultancy Everis Brasil, one of the world’s largest companies in the sector, present in 87 countries and was also president of the Telefônica group in Brazil. Valente has a degree in Electrical Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Business Administration, both from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

Christian Lohbauer

Christian Lohbauer is a pre-candidate for the Senate for São Paulo for the New Party. Master and Doctor in Political Science from USP, he was VP of Corporate Affairs at Bayer in Brazil, Executive President of CitrusBR, Executive Director of ABEF and Secretary of International Relations of the Municipality of SP. He works as a visiting professor at Fundação Dom Cabral and is a member of the boards of ABAG, CEAL, and the Institute of International Relations at USP.

Deltan Dallagnol

Deltan Dallagnol is the coordinating prosecutor of the task force responsible for Operation Car Wash and one of the most active voices against corruption in Brazil, having led the project “Ten measures against corruption”. Bachelor of Laws from UFPR and Master from Harvard University, he is an expert in financial crimes and is the author of several books and articles on the subject. He started his career in MPF/PR in 2003 at just 23 years old.

Gustavo Rocha de Menezes

Gustavo Rocha de Menezes has been the Deputy Consul General of Brazil in Barcelona since 2016. He previously served at the Brazilian Embassies in London, Santiago and Beijing, in addition to being head of the China and Mongolia Division at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bachelor in Economics and Master in International Relations from PUC-Rio, he began his diplomatic career in 1995.

Igor Tasic

Igor Tasic is founder and CEO of Startup Europe Week, the biggest entrepreneurship movement in Europe, with events in more than 300 cities, promoted in collaboration with the European Commission. He is a serial entrepreneur, as well as an expert in entrepreneurial ecosystems and in the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies. Previously, he had a career in consulting (Strategy & / Booz & Co.) and in large companies (Orbitall, TIVIT, Telefónica and DuPont). Tasic is a PhD candidate at UPCT and MSc. at Columbia/FGV-EAESP.

Jaime Lerner

Jaime Lerner is a renowned Brazilian politician, architect and urban planner. He was mayor of Curitiba three times and governor of Paraná twice. He was president of the International Union of Architects (UIA) in 2002 and currently Lerner is an urban planner and consultant for the United Nations on urban planning matters.

Jose Carlos Cardozo

Jose Carlos Cardozo is a Brazilian lawyer and politician, affiliated with the Workers’ Party. He was a federal deputy, minister of justice and attorney general of the Union of Brazil. He is a professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and attorney for the Municipality of São Paulo.

Suzan Rivetti

Suzan Rivetti is Chairman of J&J Consumo Latin America. She is one of the most respected executives in Brazil and was considered one of the most powerful and influential women in the country (Forbes Magazine). In 2008, she became the first female president of the branch in Brazil.

Vanessa Lobato

Vanessa Lobato is Vice President of Human Resources at Grupo Santander in Brazil, having assumed the position with the challenge of strengthening the performance of the area in a competitive context. His trajectory took place in the commercial areas of the financial segment, where he had the opportunity to work in various roles, being, finally, superintendent of the commercial network in the interior of SP. She is from Minas Gerais, mother of 3 children, and previously worked at Banco Nacional and Unibanco.


Bruno Pena | MBA Candidate na ESADE Business School

Project Manager. He worked for Odebrecht for 7 years leading heavy infrastructure projects, before starting his own projects in the area of affordable housing.

Arthur Eliezer | MBA Candidate na ESADE Business School

Marketing professional. He was a trainee at Grupo Abril, assuming leadership positions in the marketing area.

Julia Rivetti | MBA Candidate na ESADE Business School

Designer. He worked for 7 years at DM9DBB, assuming a leadership position in the area of customer service with experience in Marketing and Branding in clients such as Unilever, Ambev, Latam and Cisco

Leo Gomes | PhD Candidate no MIT-Zaragoza

Company administrator. Combined doctoral education at Zaragoza Logistics Center, MIT and Harvard. More than 10 years of professional experience, including 7 years in management consulting (Galeazzi & Associados, Europraxis/Minsait and EY).

Shara Lim | MBA Candidate na IE Business School

Corporate lawyer with business acumen. LL.M. at Boston University. She worked in the legal department of large publicly traded companies, such as Natura, Alpargatas and Souza Cruz.

Tiffanie Mangels | MBA Candidate na IE Business School

Hospitality professional graduated from the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. She assumed the general management of the Noronha Pousadas group, during the transition of owners. Previously, she worked for over 6 years at Hyatt in Singapore, holding a leadership position.

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