Innovation Master Class

From top European business schools

by Foro Brasil España and ABRESCCO


Convention center hotel fera palace

Salão dona flôr, Salvador Brazil.


APR 30th And May 1ST, 2022

1:10 PM

Understand more about the project

Foro Brasil España is a social event held by MBA and PhD students in Spain. The Forum is not for profit, but is intended to unite Brazil and Spain on important current issues.

Like any social and impact project, the difficulties were enormous. However, with the support of our sponsors, who believed in the project and who share the philosophy of supporting initiatives that seek to engage society, we were always sure that we would create a solid legacy.

Our mission is to provoke high value-added discussions with the aim of uniting different sectors of the Brazilian, Spanish and European economy, so that together they can generate an impact on the institutional and economic relations of both regions. With the commitment made between students, business clubs, governments and educational institutions, mainly in the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​we will contribute to developing greater synergy between students and the job market, generating, as a final balance, more wealth. and knowledge for the development of Brazil over time.

Want to support the construction of the event?

Every new year, the Foro Brasil España is organized and developed. If you are from Brazil or Spain and you want to support our event, this is your opportunity! Talk to our team and get more information on how to support and participate in the event.

Year 2022 Edition

Pitch Session for Brazil-Catalunya Chamber of Commerce

The Catalonia region is Spain’s economic engine and the delegation’s businessmen are interested in learning about business opportunities, investment projects, tenders and companies in the Bahian ecosystem.

Meet our board of directors

Bruno Pena


Filipe Barros



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